One Drug Then Another

Fear and addiction are symptoms of bigger needs. Everyone needs Repair. Individualized, specific self-care. Repair is what connects our needs, potential and habits. Repair is not fixing, it’s connecting. At Space Before Change, we call anything that removes us or allows us to bolt, a drug. If it alters or denies the real symptom, it’s a temporary solution. If the drug masks or forsakes an integrated, whole-person plan of care, it’s more of a risk than a benefit.

The human response to stress, pain or trauma are to return to predictability or comfort as soon as possible. We do this the best way we know how. Sometimes it turns into a compulsive, addictive behavior. The symptoms are usually overwhelming. A drug seems like it will offer the quickest solution. Drugs SBC clients report: gambling, pornography, social media, depressants like alcohol or benzo’s, stimulants like Adderall or meth, work, isolation such as avoidance, sleeping or binge watching, DUI, food (a limit or an abundance), exercise, sex and anger. We’ve created the following definition, based on the substantial commonalities in client presentation over the last 6 years of Britten’s clinical work:

Drug, noun

Habitual retreat to distraction instead of Repair. Anything that alters a primary or pre-existing need, impairs judgment, limiting and shortening insight.

A substance or process that removes presence of mind or consciousness.

A substance or process generating temporary relief and increased suffering. Ensuing impulsivity divides a person within themselves, creates mistrust of self and others.

addict-addiction-ashtray-46183 (1).jpg

People have a picture in their mind. This picture symbolizes their wants and desires. Often, it’s hard to put all the words around it. But we know one thing for sure, it looks different than today. The emotions and/or feelings associated to the picture are consistent: known, loved. Our mission is to support 3 or 4 deliberate, repetitive actions that promote values-driven changes on clients happiness map. With dependence and tolerance, drugs eventually violate and come before physical wellness, finances, goals, academics, marriage, faith, career and family. This explains why Space Before Change is your resource for creating. We leverage interruptions, knowledge, skill and desire to help you create the habits you were born to love.

Repair is your answer. The brain is made for change. The body thrives on change.

This is not an overnight solution. Your mental picture is step one; it’s the doorway. Cravings, triggers and emotional fractures require small adjustments and gracious repetition. This course provides 21 Minute Recipes, a road map and lots of encouragement. Your brain was made for this repetitive work; it requires stretching and new information. Settling for the same means you will feel familiarity. And that safety is its own reward. Familiarity overshadowed by discontent and lack will be drugged in some way. Repair. The temptation to replace one drug with another is normal. Is it worth the cost? A new drug, or the one that follows, will delay or erase your destination, that picture you have in mind.

We suggest skipping the delay!

Decide today if you will eliminate 21 minutes of screen time. My 42 is the foundation for using old or new obstacles. Without this space, fear and addiction will prompt you to replace one drug for another. You have the power to enjoy better rewards. Enroll today and use the feedback from cravings, triggers and emotional fractures to create - to Repair.


What Is My 42?

When you look at life and see limitations, it's time to settle into a 42 minute keystone habit. You are meant to live informed, centered. My 42 is the space for waking up and connecting within yourself and to others. One drug then another sacrifices being known and loved. If you want to take the lethal power away from chronic stress, if you want the triumphs you so admire in others, then decide today to demystify pain of its phantom power. It's all feedback for you to be the most real you. Life is for living. You will not find a short-circuit, shallow, linear, skip the important parts approach here. Stress cuts deep, from skin passed the muscle and organs, to values and spirituality. So lets get to work.

Fear is the phantom. Repair is bigger, stronger, wiser and would never need to use a lie (old beliefs) an event or a label to confuse or stop you. My 42 helps you sort and center.