Can you answer “yes” to the following questions?

  • Are you disappointed with how you cope with stress, pain or loss?

  • Are you willing to try something different, even when you are tired and down?

  • Is overwhelm a common feeling?

  • Do you have the courage to look at drugs? Not just substances.

  • Is it hard to concentrate or describe how you feel or what you want?

You’re in the right place. You will not find a short-circuit, shy, shallow, skip the important parts approach here. Masking fear and addiction cuts deep, affecting every part of life. So we will serve you as a whole person.


Standard Membership

6 month course

Made for the trailblazer; this climb provides activities and education 2-3 times per week through the member portal. Learn and apply simple tools to improve cravings, triggers, emotional fractures. Best for the individual who wants to try time-tested solutions to replace sadness, anxiety or drug-dependence with self-efficacy, presence of mind and sobriety. The duration of the course helps you create a life-saving keystone habit.


Monthly payments for 6 months


Total cost when you pay up front


Premium Membership

12 month course

Made for the gutsy; this path will create comfort, results and ease in new behaviors. Activities and education 4-5 times per week. Regardless of the drugs, stress or pain that have caused you grief, Repair is the integrative, long-term solution. Information is power, but what this course provides is support to apply it. No one will tell you what to believe or how to behave. The awareness you develop will create relief, self-trust, skills, intuition and disease prevention. The grit to follow through will increase.


Monthly payments for 12 months


Total cost when you pay up front


Intrepid Membership


For the serious individual wanting to take a leap forward. Individualized attention, weekly addiction counseling and personal coaching in addition to the 6 months of Space Before Change coursework. Receive education in your member portal 2-3x per week and a coaching call 2x per week. No more settling. No more regrets. You will master cue, routine and reward. Addiction, depression, anxiety are the space before change. You made it here. Whew. Now, for creating the habits you are born to love.


Monthly payments for 6 months

*Please note: Space is limited for Intrepid Memberships. If we are unable to accommodate you at sign up time, you will be placed on a waitlist and notified when space becomes available.


Core Strength

A special 3 month program for ages 10-19

A coaching membership to treat bullying and the anxiety, depressed confidence and low motivation associated. Improve mood, social skills and relationships in just 42 minutes 5x per week. Look fear in the eyes. Clinical Leader and Curricula Creator, Britten Devereux has made treatment more accessible than ever. She has broken down time-tested learning and motivation solutions to get your tween or teen engaged and hopeful. You can get your child everything they need to be comfortable in their own skin through this innovative approach to care, confidence and individuality. Isolation, avoidance and low self worth are not going to win. Hope wins. Start today.


Monthly payments for 3 months


Total cost when you pay up front


You are an architect for change. Waste nothing getting what you want and deserve.

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Replacing one drug for another creates more obstacles, more stress and pain. Repair is the answer if you want to supplement counseling, AA, NA or replace the need for inpatient or outpatient treatment. This path tells shame that Repair is the boss.





As a member of Space Before Change, you’ll have access to our exclusive Member Portal, including the following:

shutterstock_745090264 (1).jpg
  • The same clinical tools offered in inpatient rehab or treatment

  • A daily Repair habit, to last your lifetime

  • Save money on healthcare costs resulting from inconvenient, chronic or pervasive fear and addiction

  • Resources to help write your 1-year and 10-year stories

  • Checklists to keep you accountable and on track with your personal goals

  • Recommended reading related to self-awareness, habit formation, confidence building

  • A safe space to share your story and hear from other Space Before Change members

  • Extended support once new habits have been established and solidified

  • Assignments to create and to guide My 42

  • Directions, support and key reminders to shape action (routine) toward your goals


it’s better together

Nervous to face your course solo? Grab a friend and sign up together. At Space Before Change, friends create and friends change in big ways. Celebrate your progress, support one another and keep each other accountable. Power in numbers.


Habits To Live By

In a screen-driven lifestyle, we try to move to the next thing quickly, missing out on mindful moments. Missing out on Repair. Whether feelings scare us or we know feelings are not the boss, drugs add landmines and earthquakes. The perceived ease, respite or pleasure becomes less and less, leading to more and more drugs.

When we deal with pain or stress, we usually react. What happens when we alternatively treat it (Repair), serve it (mindfulness) and then let it serve us? Change. Join us to learn about the thing our bodies depend upon most. Start with 6 months or, give yourself the benefits of a full year foundation. A war doesn't produce resilience in the individual. It produces stress or pain. Resilience expands through repetitive conditioning. Stress and pain are just the beginning of the expansion. The habits you are born to love require training and conditioning in My 42.