AA is Not for Everyone



43.8 million Americans (1 in 5 people) are suffering from a mental illness. Close to 30 million people are depending on licit or illicit drugs to endure cravings, triggers and emotional fractures. And probably more. There is not one perfect path to mental health or sobriety. Not everyone wants to go to AA, NA or Celebrate Recovery. Not everyone is willing to see a psychiatrist and counselor. Individual beliefs, thoughts, experiences and emotions require confidential, personalized support. Space Before Change is the trusted, confidential path to lifelong Repair. Wellness, disease prevention and mental health are becoming harder for Americans to enjoy because drugs are diverse now. Suffering is prolonged and the results of the drug of choice often look like productivity, taking an edge off or, a well-deserved release. Any process and/or substance that leads to a retreat from consciousness qualifies as a drug. Our culture of fast has remarkable benefits. But, the majority of fast fosters distraction and/or dresses up our masks. Drugs are less of “his outcast criminal behavior” and more of “the way he’s learned to cope and create some level of security.”

Stigma and suffering have tremendous impact on whether someone will use available services. 73 million Americans are on Medicaid and cannot access the relapse prevention or Repair services they need. The impact of both stigma and suffering is intimidating, paralyzing and expensive. Mental health has direct correlation to the stability of physical, emotional, social, spiritual, academic or professional well-being. Not to mention, emotional pain becomes familiar, which makes it harder to treat. Human beings are well known for accepting known stress or pain, instead of allowing unknown or unfamiliar stress or pain. Certainty is a ghost, but especially when it comes to addiction, values work and behavior change.

This flexible coaching membership course helps individuals acknowledge that fear, sadness, obsessions and drugs are the space before change. Unlike most programs, this online format takes the sting away from the initial heightened awareness Repair creates. In addition, there is immediate relief from the mindfulness work and anytime access. We created this platform to help individuals get relief faster, increase self-awareness and to support change that spills into relationships, time management, personal care and so on. The hardest part of the social model or medical model is that care by Anonymous meeting or appointment can feel out of reach initially. Of course it does! Every step out of the familiar seems like a terrible risk for the person who wants to treat their fear or sadness. So, every step individuals take should be celebrated. Self-efficacy builds, facing life’s unexpected or unfamiliar events - facing change - from action as opposed to motivation. For these reasons, Space Before Change is a popular choice for individuals who are tired of one drug then another.

Next time you go get a crown or dental implant, notice that they take a mold of your mouth. Do 1000 mouths have a 1000 things in common? Absolutely! And when you order at the restaurant tonight, take note of how much on that menu can be changed based on your allergies, preferences and tastes. Find what works for you. One way is not THE way. Unlike traditional coaching or counseling, this course builds without rejecting other paths to health. Instead, members build internal resilience and emotional intelligence.

The dividends of Repair increase with time, as the individual centers through values work. If you are on Medicaid or your insurance plan requires prohibitive out of pocket or deductibles, consider this confidential online coaching membership. Healthcare should be personalized, flexible and accessible. We are changing what it means to recover, we call it Repair.

Britten Devereux