Mental Health at Your Fingertips

This week Britten Devereux, Space Before Change Founder, was on LA Talk Radio’s Answers for the Family with Allen Cardoza’s guest host Gabriella van Rij. Britten shared a practical approach to cravings, triggers and emotional fractures. Treating addiction and preventing chronic illness are more feasible than ever before.

Individuals can go to a 30-90 hospital or rehabilitation center for addiction services. They can go to an outpatient treatment center or counseling office. But, not everyone can afford services through commercial insurance or Medicaid. Not everyone likes those options: driving there everyday or moving into a facility for a couple months.

Different than costly care by appointment, this program raises self-awareness, self-respect and self-regulation. Britten states, “Mental health is the axis point to intimacy, individual resilience, family cohesion, marketplace innovation and chronic disease prevention.” Her primary goals are to reduce rehospitalization rates, reintroduce dignity into healthcare services and improve public health.

Britten Devereux