In Arms Length


Mental health emerges in the ways we least expect

On January 22, 2019 over 5000 students and community members gathered to shape mental health for teenagers. Space Before Change representatives joined the Speak Up, Stand Up, Save a Life Conference at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. The stories presented showed the audience that change doesn’t happen spontaneously. It’s decided, determined, often a force against a stronger force. The Speak Up, Stand Up, Save a Life Team makes sure that bullying, addiction and mental health needs are met with the biggest of advocates, from parents to city council to police, schools, cities and proven clinical support. Space Before Change was one of the resources shared with students. Speak Up, Stand Up, Save a Life founders, Dr. Lily DeBlieux and Gina Godbehere are bridging the gap between the lonely battle millions of Americans face. On January 22, it sure did not look forsaken, it looked informed, banded, dignifying and powerful. Repair in arms length.

It’s hard to accept that mental health emerges from the greatest of stress and pain. When someone is facing fear, addiction or mental illness, it’s like a dam opened and pushed water out into an area with houses, parks and markets. The dam was supposed to hold all of that water. But.

That’s life. When the things happen that we least desire, not only do we have a hard time accepting that it occurred, but we get fixated on covering that pain up. Everyone covers pain differently. Some people wear all black and listen to loud, scary music. Others tune everything out and retreat. While others try some of everything and use everything and everyone to get through.

There’s never been such a time to ensure tools and resources link with fear and addiction to treat the stress and pain that is pushing over the houses, parks and markets. Change is feared, yet it is the thing that preserves our bodies, communities and commerce. The space before change is untreated fear or addiction. This is a sacred place because all that stress or pain is personal, intimate. When it’s lonelier than ever, we encourage individuals to pick the resource that is realistic and achievable. Build from small adjustments. Change and Repair are in arms length or closer.

Repair means risk, but it also means love

Britten Devereux